How to Install Ubuntu 16.04 on MSI GE62 6QC

After 4 days of trying many solutions I found around the internet without success. The last solution I tried have finally made Ubuntu 16.04 working almost flawlessly on my PC.
Here’s the specifications of my PC:
  • Intel Core i7 6700HQ 2.6GHz
Without further ado, here are the steps to install and run Ubuntu on MSI GE62 5QC.


  1. Download Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ISO and burn it to a DVD or USB Disk Drive
  2. Open your BIOS Settings (Press”DELETE” on MSI logo when first turning on the PC)
  3. Disable “SecureBoot” on your BIOS under tab “Security”
  4. Run your Ubuntu Installation disk (Insert DVD to Optical Drive and restart the PC)
  5. When GRUB appears, highlight “Install Ubuntu” then press “e”
  6. Add “acpi=off” after the line “quiet splash” then press F10
  7. Wait until the GUI appears, then install your Ubuntu accordingly
  8. After the installation finished, eject the Installation Media and restart your PC
  9. If GRUB doesn’t show up after restart, change the boot priority in your BIOS: “Open BIOS -> Boot -> Boot Order -> Change Boot Order #1 to Ubuntu” then press F10 and restart
  10. When GRUB appears, press ‘e’ then add “nouveau.modeset=0” after “quiet splash” line, then press F10
  11. Your Ubuntu will start successfully
If you have problem installing from USB, try to use the DVD instead. I also cannot install it from the USB.

Anyway, the “nouveau.modeset=0” seems to make the NVIDIA not working, the graphics will only use Intel HD Graphics. It won’t be a problem for me since I only use the Ubuntu for working and use Windows for games and entertainment. But if you find any solution to make the NVIDIA working flawlessly please comment here.

Thanks for reading :)

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