Remember The Place v1.0 Android App Has Been Released

It was very soon after I uploaded my application to SlideME Market. Now the application has been approved and available on SlideME.

Download Remember The Place v1.0


Never forget that great cottage you've been there last holiday!

With this app installed on your phone, you will never forget every place you've visited last week, last month, even last year.

So you can visit that great cottage again easily without asking your friends about the way to get there.

Remember The Place offer you an easy way to save your location.
Only with one click from your homescreen, and your place information is saved right into your device.

You can also give a title and a description before you save it, so you won't forget what that place is about.

Now, whenever you want to go back to that place again. Just open the app, and click the place you want to re-visit.
Or you can get the direction by opening it in Google Maps.

- Homescreen Shortcut, giving you a one click access to save the place.
- Editable place information.
- Map View, for easy viewing.
- "View in Google Maps" capability, if you want to view your saved place in Google Maps app.

- Facebook & Twitter sharing.
- Attach photo to saved place.

- Long click on the empty space on your homescreen
- Click "Shortcuts"
- Click "Save Place"

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