Coming Soon: "Remember The Place" Android App

[UPDATED] Now the application has been approved on SlideME. Download it here

I've just finished my another application project. And I've uploaded it to SlideME.
Now the application is waiting for the approval from SlideME Administrator.

The application's main function is to help you saving the place you visit. So, it will be easy to you if you ever want to re-visit that place.

Remember The Place offers a one-click access to save your current place to the device. You just need to add shortcut named "Save Place" on the homescreen. Then click it everytime you want to save your current location. Don't forget to name it and give some descriptions to your place information, so it will be more easy to you to know what that place is about.

Here's some sneak peek to the app. Be ready for it :)

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